The Team

Owner & CSO “Chief Spunk Officer”

Director of Administration & Event Coordination

Warehouse Manager

Bartender & Staff Manager

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Social Media Liaison

Event Coordinator

Director of Marketing & Client/Vendor Relations

 About the Original Spunky Spirit

I have to start out telling the truth… bartending is not the best job I do…BEING A MOM IS! I have 3  beautiful children and I’m in love with my Mommy job.

I bartended, waitressed and managed restaurants in New Jersey for 15 years, where we moved from in 2004. Although I loved singing to Barney and dancing to the Wiggles, I missed pouring Martinis, flippin’ bottles, inventing new shots and laughing with folks who needed a beer….instead of a bottle.

As I began attending catered events in my new neighbors’ homes, I was surprised to see the guests were only offered basic cocktails like rum & coke, vodka & tonic and maybe a martini. I would run home and get some different mixers and create fun, “spunky” cocktails for my friends. I was also surprised to find out that the catered bar charged the host over $10 per person and the host didn’t get to keep any of the opened stock.
Thus, Spunky Spirits was established in 2006 with the idea: create a custom bar menu, suited for each individual party w/themed cocktails & supply a shopping list for the host with the option of Spunky Spirits taking care of the shopping for them. This way, the guests get fun drinks and the host gets to keep the liquor at the end of the party and there are no worries.

My motto each day used to be…Make a great drink and make someone’s day! However, I think the best description of my bartending is a quote from a dead man… I didn’t realize that I was doing a good job until I was summoned to a lawyer’s office for a reading of a will. It was from one of my old customers that I hadn’t seen in about 1 year. He left me money in his will and a note reading – “Thanks for all the great martinis, great conversations and smiles – cheers!”

All the “spunky” bartenders have this memorable spunk.  I am very proud of all who represent Spunky Spirits!

One last but very important note: I owe so much to my Dad, John Patrick.  This business could not have taken off without his support and help with my kids when they were younger. He allowed Spunky Spirits to start in his garage, use his home, water, electricity and most of all, remained patient with me through this crazy business. (Of course he had the “perk” of chatting with pretty, young Spunky bartenders every Saturday)! Thanks “Dat.”