Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have no idea what to serve, how much and what brands to offer my guests…can you help me with this?

Absolutely! This is part of my consultation. Based on your event, theme and guests, I’ll provide you with lots of suggestions for your “bar menu” and a corresponding shopping list. Spunky Spirits will even do the shopping for you.

2) Why would I want a signature drink(s)?

Your guests “Bar Experience” will be more memorable. These drinks are tied to your event in original name, color, and/or ingredient. When most bartenders offer only traditional drinks (think Cosmo) we can offer your guests a drink that is different from what they can get anywhere else and that tastes awesome! (Also, ask how it can save you money)

3) What is the printed specialty menu you mention under services?

If you’re hosting a party that has any type of theme – eg: holiday, birthday, Anniversary, 70’s party, house warming, new business launch, Wedding etc. Spunky Spirits will create and display a framed menu at the bar for your guests to choose from.

4) What size parties do you accommodate?

Spunky Spirits has done everything from intimate dinner parties of 8 to auctions and fundraisers of 1500 guests and everything in between.

5) If Spunky Spirits does my shopping can any unused “stock” be returned?

Yes. All unopened wine bottles, beer cases and unopened liquor bottles can be returned for credit at store. We will return this for you and adjust your receipts before the invoice is sent.

6) Can you provide the venue with liquor liability insurance?

Yes…I will contact them and provide them all they need to allow SS to serve at their facility.

7) What are the bartenders attire?

We have a professional uniformed black shirt with black pants/skirt and black shoes.

8) How far will Spunky Spirits travel?

We will travel up to 90 minutes each way. There will be a fuel/time surcharge of $1 per mile for each mile over 30 miles and $5 for each 15 minutes over 30 minutes (one way) from zip code 33614.

9) How much and how do you suggest tipping?

The service industry relies mainly on tips. We do not demand tips but our bartenders work hard to earn them. It is acceptable and very appropriate to have a tip jar on the bar for large parties and at venues outside the home. At house parties, where you might not want your intimate family and friends to feel obligated to tip, it is appropriate for you as the host to take care of the bartender and staff at the end of the night. $25 tip/hour of serving is a guideline.

10) What is a “Party Pal?”

She/he will arrive whenever you start needing help with all your party needs; like setting up your party area, tables, buffet; maintain the buffet, keep the party area clean of plates, cups, bottles, trash etc. She/he will make coffee, clean party area etc. They are also trained bartenders and can assist bartender during heavy-flow times.